Emerade, Jext & Epipen Cases & Holders

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Emerade, Anapen, Jext & Epipen Cases, Holders & Pouches

We offer a wide range of Emerade, Anapen, Jext and Epipen cases holders and pouches. Whilst there are differences between these devices to the patient and carer they represent the treatment of choice in response to a violent allergic reaction or anaphylaxis.  It is important that these injectors are stored securely and safely with immediate access because anaphylaxis can happen at any time.There is little point in having an adrenaline injector unless it is immediately available when needed. Our range of pouches and cases offer a flexible, convenient and affordable solution to this problem.



Flexible and Durable Pouches Cases And Holders

As well as single adrenaline cases, we offer double pouches where the carrier needs an extra adrenaline injector as well as our larger medical bags which give the carrier the flexibility to carry auto injectors together with asthma inhalers, tablets, spacers and peak flow meters. Our flexible designs are light, comfortable and fashionable and give our customers a number of options for carrying your case or pouch including a belt or a carabiner clip which also means they fit easily onto school bags and belts.

It’s important to remember that adrenaline if not stored at room temperature can reduce its effectiveness and as it is light sensitive it should always be protected from light, extremes of temperature and moisture.

Our customers are from all walks of life, from school children to professionals and so we offer a range of epipen cases, pouches and holders to suit everyone and that make carrying your EpiPen, Anapen, Jext and Emerade adrenaline auto injectors in a protective and durable case simple and easy and most importantly allow quick and easy access to your adrenaline injector should you need to use it.

We also offer a range of inhaler pouches and cases for both adults and children to store your asthma inhaler as well as inhaler skins to cover your inhaler.